I opened this office in November 13, 2006. I had no staff, no clients, and $1,500.00. Fifteen hundred bucks isn’t nothing, but it’s not the kind of money you’d ever want to start a law firm with.

I called my office “The Law Office of Matthew Benson” because that’s what it was: me, hanging out my shingle, and trying to help people. In the years that have followed since then, I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve helped a lot of people. As more people brought me their problems, more staff had to be brought in to meet their needs. The office has grown to be something I’m profoundly proud of. It has also grown larger than just me.

Today, the reality is that when you hire my firm, you’re not just hiring me: you’re hiring a team of lawyers and case managers who have spent years developing the skills required to solve problems, and solving them Quickly, Quietly, and Well.
Legal Practice is not a static activity. As the years go by, lawyers learn, lawyers grow, and ideally, lawyers get better. That’s why we’re reorganizing the firm: you will receive the same zealous advocacy from The Benson Law Firm as you came to expect from The Law Office of Matthew Benson, but you will get it from an organization with more resources and additional staff. As proud as we are of the work we have done, we’re looking forward to the work we’re going to do.By Matt Benson

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